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Pink Tie’s 1049-1052

Pink Tie’s 1049, 1050, 1051, 1052 This is Vanessa Agee from Buchanan Va stage 1 survivor of breast cancer.

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Pink Tie’s 1045-1048

This is my sister Carolyn Evans, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2008. At this time she is cancer free. She always keeps her head up and puts up a good fight. Please Support Cancer patients. Thank You, Jack Harlow

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Pink Tie’s 1041-1044

Translation: I fully support Pink Tie Society, and wishing all the people who suffering from Cancer will recover soon under cherish of all loving people around the world! – June 2013

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Pink Tie’s 1037-1040

I lost my mother quickly to pancreatic cancer and my father to lung cancer, but thanks to medical advances we had several good months together before he lost the fight. However my story today is about my best friend, Joe Carpenter – a community leader, an educator, a coach and a shaper of young lives.…

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Pink Tie’s 1033-1036

Pink Tie’s 1033, 1034, 1035, 1036 I am wearing a pink tie in support for my wife, Betsy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2004, had a mastectomy in February of 2005, had six chemotherapy treatments in the spring of 2005 and is now an eight year survivor!! – David & Betsy Arritt

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Pink Tie’s 1029-1032

The day I was born my grandmother was scheduled to have her chemo port removed. She informed them that they would have to wait; she had a grandson to see first. That was fifteen years ago. She kicked cancers butt then and can still kick mine now. Love you Granny… – Jack Stull

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Pink Tie’s 1025-1028

Sammi Dail, a saw miller, wife, a mother of three, an achiever; a horse farmer, a business owner, a fighter, an over comer; a friend who created a treasured memory in me.

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Pink Tie’s 1021-1024

Double-Trouble…we both received cancer diagnoses a few months apart. Luckily, both were caught in time, and we are both doing fine now. We share life and a PINK TIE together! – Hiawhatha & Beverly Nicley

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Pink Tie’s 1017-1020

Scott Critzer’s mother-in-law in Virginia, diagnosed with breast cancer 1988, actively enjoying retirement, Spring 2013.

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Pink Tie’s 1013-1016

My name is Dennis Shelton I am a sales representative for Carter Machinery, a Caterpillar Dealer in Virginia. I have seen and met a lot of tough people over the last 20 years but not one as tough as my assistant at the office. Debbie Wyatt, she is a small framed female about 5’5″ and…

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