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Participate In The Pink Tie Society Foundation

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Participating is easy, order one, or as many ties as possible, for yourself and to share with your friends to wear in show of your support for someone. After the worst is behind you keep at least one of your ties for yourself and send the remaining ties back to us with a picture and a short story about who you wore it in support of. The returned ties will then be professionally cleaned and permanently embroidered with a number that corresponds to your success story. This number will link your story with your tie and will follow it as it’s mixed in with new orders and shipped out to its next awaiting recipient. Your individual story will always follow your tie, even as new success stories are added.  You will be one of a bunch of guys passing around lucky pink ties....forever a member of The Pink Tie Society.

A receipt for a charitable donation is available and will be sent to you upon request.

During Drema’s chemotherapy treatment we met other patients who, for different reasons, were experiencing difficulty getting to and from the treatment centers. Some were due to the expense associated with travel, others because of their age and ability to drive themselves to the facilities. This foundation will use 100% of all donations and a portion of all receipts from ties sold for the purchase of prepaid fuel cards. These fuel cards will be donated to the cancer treatment units for the staff to disperse to patients they know are having a difficult time with expenses.

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