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Pink Tie-Debbie Wyatt

My name is Dennis Shelton I am a sales representative for Carter Machinery, a Caterpillar Dealer in Virginia. I have seen and met a lot of tough people over the last 20 years but not one as tough as my assistant at the office. Debbie Wyatt, she is a small framed female about 5’5″ and weights 120 soaking wet. Debbie get up and  works out twice a day beginning at 5 am. Debbie was diagnosis with breast cancer in 2006 she has maintained a positive attitude thru the whole ordeal. Debbie would take treatments on her lunch breaks and back to the office as part of a normal day. Debbie has been cancer free for the past 7 years and doing great. Debbie will never forget the day she was diagnosis with this disease and the toll it took on her but she did not give up, she made a decision early on that this was not going to beat her and she was not a quitter. We can only imagine what we will do when faced with something of this magnitude and pray and hope we will respond as well as Debbie has. My hat goes off to any person that has had this terrible disease. Being a man we all like to think we are tougher than we are sometimes but me wearing this Pink Tie is a reminder that we all can be humbled by the smallest of things that happen in life.

Proud Member of The Pink Tie Society
– Dennis Shelton

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